Project Details

Project Name: WWTP Automation
Country: USA
Description: The client was formerly a manufacturer of chemically treated, weather resistant lumber products. Was contracted for remediation at this location which had been classified as an EPA Superfund clean-up site. They designed and constructed a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) on the site to treat contaminated ground and surface run-off waters. We provided engineering/consultant services to the client to revise an existing design for an automation system for the WWTP. The work involved review of existing instrumentation and control system installation and development of a monitoring and alarm system for the facility to comply with requirements of the EPA on-scene coordinator (OSC). The review and redesign resulted in an acceptable system which saved the EPA, and the US taxpayer, $80,000. The design included a master alarm to detect and announce if any of the monitored process variables depart from acceptable conditions for normal operation thus helping the operator optimize his time on site. The process parameters monitored included: wastewater holding tank level, lime neutralization tank pH and level, sulfuric acid neutralization tank pH and level, carbon filter unit differential pressure, treated water holding tank level, and automatic media filter system common alarm.

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