Project Details

Project Name: Design and Construction Administration Services for Municipal WWTP
Country: None Listed
Description: The client's Wastewater Treatment Plant serves a residential community in a nearby County. The plant design flow is 600,000 GPD. The Plant replaced a series of package plants that were built since the 1960s. An important feature is a one million gallon surge lagoon at the headworks of the Plant. The collection system experiences large peak flows during rain storms and the surge lagoon allows the operator to store the excess and treat it after the inflow subsides. The lagoon is equipped with two floating aerators. The treatment process included: influent flow equalization, grit removal, mechanical bar screen, extended aeration biological treatment, clarification, ultraviolet disinfection, aerobic sludge digestion and porous asphalt sludge drying beds. The Plant was designed for an initial capacity of 300,000 GPD and can be expanded to 600,000 GPD with the addition of two aerators, one ultraviolet disinfection unit, and four more sludge drying beds. Construction administration services were provided including: preparation of bid documents, prebid meetings, bid evaluation, shop drawing review, site inspections, approval of payment requests, engineer's certification and other services as requested.

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