Project Details

Project Name: Design and Construction Services for Municipal WWTP
Country: Albemarle
Description: The client operates a 0.051 mgd stabilization pond wastewater treatment system which serves the community of Scottsville, Virginia. As a result of current flows approaching the design capacity of the existing facilities, projected growth for the community and marginal process performance, a preliminary engineering report(PER) was prepared evaluating options for upgrading the WWTP. The PER recommended that extended aeration facilities be constructed with sufficient capacity to treat existing and projected flows. Due to the wide range of flows projected and the uncertainty of growth projections, it was recommended that facilities be constructed in phases. Based on the recommendations presented in the PER, the client decided to contract for the design and construction of an extended aeration treatment facility with a flow capacity of 200,000 gpd. The design would accommodate the expansion of the facilities to a flow capacity of 400,000 gpd. In addition, the design would utilize the existing stabilization lagoon for flow equalization during periods of excessive infiltration and inflow. Design services were provided for the upgrade to the existing wastewater treatment plant recommended in the PER. The design included: extended aeration facilities incorporating a pre-engineered packaged plant with fine-bubble diffusers fed by positive displacement blowers, aerated sludge storage tank, return sludge flow measurement, and dissolved oxygen control; influent pump station revisions; headworks with aerated grit chamber and manual bar screen; flow-paced chlorination system; effluent flow measurement and sampling station; process alarms with automatic phone dialer system; and a laboratory and utility building. The revisions to the influent pump station included: replacement of the existing long-shaft pumps with direct-coupled immersible pumps of increased capacity, new controls with variable frequency drives on each pump, upgraded dry well ventilation, and the addition of an emergency power generator and automatic transfer switch. Complete design plans and specifications were provided for all aspects of the work including: surveying, soil testing, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, instrumentation and controls and architectural services. Construction Administration services provided included: bidding assistance, construction inspections, shop drawing review, review of contractor requests for payment, and general technical information assistance.

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