Project Details

Project Name: Design of WWTP for Sanitary Wastewater from Textile Manufacturing Facility
Country: None Listed
Description: Sanitary wastewater from this textile client's manufacturing facility was historically treated by a septic tank and sand filtration system prior to discharge to a surface water. Due to the high urea concentration and highly variable flowrates, the sand filtration system could not meet increasingly stringent permit limits for ammonia and biochemical oxygen demand. Preliminary engineering services were provided to identify the cause of system failure and to recommend modifications required to upgrade the facilities. Following these recommendations, design, construction inspection and start-up services were provided. In addition, Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the facility were developed. The design was based on the use of a 5000 gpd, extended aeration package plant with modifications to address requirements for nitrification, chlorination, dechlorination and post aeration. Due to the high peak flow rates, flow equalization was also provided. On site training was provided using O&M Manuals that were developed. On-going laboratory testing services were provided as well as review of operating data and provision of operational consultation as needed.

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