Project Details

Project Name: Commerical Product Toxicity
Country: USA
Description: The current environmental climate is such that users of commercial products require information concerning the effects that such products will have on the environment and aquatic life if released. One source of environmental information can be obtained by studying the toxic effects of commercial products on native indicating species. This project involved the determination of the toxicity of a new commercial product and the product's components. The toxicity of the new product was also compared to that of a currently available commercial product for reference during the evaluation. This project involved the use of Ceriodaphnia dubia as the indicator species for the determination of the toxicity of all products and components. During the study, components were identified that contributed to the toxicity of the new product. Also, an Activated Sludge Respiration Inhibition Test was used to determine the effects of the new product on an activated sludge system. This procedure measured the concentration at which the product inhibits the viability of the microorganisms and is another measure of toxicity. In addition, the Zahn-Wellens Biodegradability, also called Inherent Biodegradability (OECD Method 302), was determined using a static batch reactor for the new commercial product at a concentration determined to be toxic to Ceriodaphnia dubia. This procedure measured the loss of chemical oxygen demand (COD) for the commercial product during degradation and also compared the toxicity of the commercial product before and after degradation had taken place.

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